Leak Detection

CCS-middleeast.com - leak detectionFIDO AI is the only data-as-a-service (DaaS) end-to-end leak detection solution which identifies leaks and the size of leaks to hit water losses hard. Now we can locate them exactly too.

Our cutting-edge AI was trained on verified leak data to deliver instant super-accurate results on any water network.

Nothing beats FIDO at finding the biggest leaks first time.

  • Accurate: FIDO AI negates false positives, eradicates human error and is more than 92% accurate. No need to check the results. Our e2e audit trail delivers verified outcomes.
  • Easy: FIDO AI deploys instantly and is completely sensor agnostic. Use it with our supplied FIDO Bugs, or your own legacy equipment. It’s all the same to us.
  • Efficient: FIDO leak-sizing is unique. No other tech helps prioritise the leaks that matter (the big ones). Proven to reduce leak-run time by as much as half.