Construction Clean Middle EastThe Course’s are suitable for anyone looking to become a professional cleaner or establish a cleaning business. It covers Theoretical training on cleaning procedures, chemical safety, domestic cleaning, kitchen maintenance, and much more. It also includes essential information on how to market your cleaning services, train staff, and deal with clients.
Through this course, you will learn how to work safely and correctly with cleaning chemicals, taking you through key procedures and guidelines for cleaning offices, hospitals, hotels, and commercial kitchens. You will also learn about cleaning contracts and employment opportunities, covering key topics such as working hours, business insurance, tax and quality of service.

If you’re looking to train staff to supervisor or manager level then this course is packed with tips and strategies, growing your client list, marketing your business online, and crafting the perfect business plan. Gain essential skills needed to fast track your career and earn a Certificate of achievement to stand out to clients and prospective employers.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course, learners will be able to:
• Establish their own cleaning company, as well as hire and train their cleaning staff
• Create a solid cleaning service business plan and set a business budget
• Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of cleaning contracts and working hours
• Clean offices, Healthcare and Hospitals and commercial premises
• Use a range of commercial cleaning products, PPE and cleaning equipment
• Clean windows, dust surfaces, maintain carpets and hardwood floors
• Understand the standards and regulations for cleaning commercial kitchens
• Unclog drains, fix showerheads, eliminate mould and establish a bathroom cleaning routine
• Dispose of chemicals safely and implement a colour coding system for waste cleaning

Other typical bespoke courses can include any of the following

• A Day in the Life of a Cleaner
• Cleaning Offices
• Cleaning Healthcare and Hospitals
• Cleaning Equipment for Domestic and Business Purposes
• Cleaning Products and Clothing
• Cleaning Techniques and Standards Expected
• Domestic and Hospitality Kitchen Cleaning
• Cleaning Commercial Kitchen
• Professional Toilet Cleaning Equipment
• Bathroom Cleaning Routine
• Key Steps in Bathroom Cleaning
• Trying and Clearing Up Rubbish in Office
• How to Clean Staff Toilets
• Outdoor Cleaning and Its Potential Hazards
• Wastewater Management
• Waste Handling
• PPE for Different Purposes and Non-Routine Waste Handling
• Waste Segregation and Product Recycling
• Pharmaceutical disposal
• Required Actions in case of a Chemical Injury
• Correct Way of Cleaning Chemical Storing
• Purchasing Cleaning Chemicals
• Providing Your Clients with a Service
• Auditing
• Producing Detail Lists
• Ensuring Client Satisfaction
• How Clients Regard Cleaning
• Recruiting Service Managers
• Employing Administrative Staff
And so much more !!